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What is QuickFits?

QuickFits takes the thinking out of how you get dressed every day. Here's how to get started.

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Changing the way you change with AI Technology

Tired of looking for clothes to wear in the morning? Let our AI take care of it. Using factors like the weather and your mood, we can give you professional-grade outfits curated from clothing items in your virtual closet.

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Outfits curated from your own closet

No need to dig online — QuickFits creates outfits from your current wardrobe while inspiring you with new items to match your style.

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Personal style with the right personnel

Get celebrity-level styling from professionals, not just AI. We combine the expertise of stylists with technology of algorithms to help you wear your wardrobe.

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Get styled in pieces from your favorite brands

Don't compromise on your prefrences and shipping times, our stylists curate outfits with pieces from your favorite brands and also recommend new brands to you, all online!

What our users think

I love this app so much, its just one of those things you never knew you needed it until you have it. I love the fact that I can reach out to professional stylists at any time of the day and know that I will get a speedy response. I would recommend this app to anyone.
Taylor Smith
Planning out my outfits has never been so fun and convenient, whether through using a stylist or utilizing the AI daily recommendation, I feel like I can express myself so much for through what I wear everyday.
Lauren Smith
I have used this app to increase my overall brand awareness by more than 20% within just a month of using the app. I love the fact that I can connect with other stylists simply and I can build strong relationships with all of my clients so quickly.
Stephan Smith
The community here is everything, I love seeing the the unique array fo different clothing trends and styles in real time. The clothing recommendations are pretty cool as well and I love the fact that my friends can peak into my closet and rate my outfits. We love this app!
Jenie Smith

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